Mintbowl dog wheelchairs FAQ section for dog parents

Mintbowl dog wheelchairs FAQ section for dog parents

Mintbowl dog wheelchairs FAQ section for dog parents


Frequently Asked Questions About Mintbowl Dog Wheelchairs



Is it difficult to connect – disconnect the dog?

Every dog adjusts with cart in 1 day, Its very easy to connect disconnect operation approx 2 minutes. please don’t de-assemble anything by yourself as we send you 50% assembled cart for your kind support and quick operation. You only need to connect legs by watching video by scanning QR came with the cart or entering link in Google chrome.


Your pet  is watching and wearing cart first-time, All animals are very intelligent than us, yet he is understanding to walk, he is scared, Don’t push him forcefully in cart. Don’t lift your pet from skin like a school-bag or by tail. keep your mind cool if your pet is not walking first day, give him some time to keep balance and learn the cart. why he will not walk?, everybody loves to walk. only those animals or humans understand this situation who don’t have legs, so kindly give him some time to learn. don’t beat him or kick him if he doesn’t walk. keep your mind cool. every pet start walking in 1-3 days as per our experiance. your love and our cart will give him new life. God bless Voiceless always

Choose your breed

  • if its Extra large like a Saint Bernard and  Great Dane?
    (this would be custom size so call +919979035679)

What material you using for making a cart?

High grade Aluminium alloy for making more light weight without losing its strength & SS Light weight Rods for more strength

What is the refund and return policy

Because of Animal product and skin infection matter there is no guarantee no warranty no replace no refund.

Please kindly do video shooting when you un-boxing the package, if its damage in transit we will happy to refund the full amount or replace the necessary parts.

What is the delivery time of the product?

Normally we take 2-3 days to pack the Goods, and in flat areas it takes 5-6 days to deliver and in mountain areas it takes more than 6 days. please keep in mind all these days are approx. we don’t give any guarantee that in 5-6 days you will receive the goods. please kindly check your Whatsapp, SMS & mail for  tracking link. you can contact me anytime if it takes long on +919979035679.

please read carefully any refund will not be applied until we receive any notification from Shipping company  about missing goods or received back to office.

About invoicing and billing

your tax invoice will be sent to your given email address which u gave on our website.

How to Take care of your dog until you receive the cart?

  1. Help your dog to change the sleeping position, for avoiding sours.
  2. Make him wear diaper
  3. Don’t make him walk on Tiles and marbles
  4. Put powder on both-side of the body
  5. Ask doctor for Calcium medicine.
  6. Don’t leave him alone,
  7. Clean his space everyday if he is doing urine and toilet in his place.
  8. Put Human Socks and with some cottons in put on his legs. for stop aboid rubbing with surface
  9. Don’t force him to walk. use Towel or Dupatta for supporing when you bring him outside.

How to put my dog on cart?

With every cart you will receive video tutorial for connecting your dog
still if you don’t get, Watch this

for 2 back legs:

for 4 leg support wheelchair:

How to attach Front legs attachment to my wheelchair?

go to & Follow the steps

What to do if i not receive my cart?

Please call me on +919979035679 with your order number I will do my best to help you.

What if it doesn’t fit to my dog?

in first 3 days from receiving cart you can ask us for replacement, you must have to send us video with ‘dog on cart’ as evidence. if its correct we will replace the cart and manage your price difference. see, we don’t have to put baby forcefully in cart. he  is voiceless he would be happy and  comfortable first.

Do you sell used cart or cart on rent?

Unfortunately we don’t sell used send-hand cart or rent a cart

Can my dog seat and sleep with cart?

Yes if you remove the chest belt he can seat and sleep with the cart

IS COD Available?

Yes  250 Extra charge and 1000 Advance please goto your checkout page and select Advance payment

Do you have any dealer near me?

Please check your dealer section for find nearest dealer

Approx What is the age of the mintbowl dog wheelchair?

5-6 year approx age of aluminium but belt and buckle seasoned in rain and hot season.

What are the payment gateways  you accept?

Bank to bank, Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, GPay, PhonePe & Paytm.

How much time pet takes  to adjust?

It depends,1 day to 3-5 days, you put your pet in cart and support him to walk by pushing from back and showing his favourite food. just understand from so long time your pet is in 1 room, scared and nervous, we need to help him to get his confidence back. once he will comeout from depression his past life will come back and he will really enjoy his ride on his cart everyday.

Will I receive assembled wheelchair or I have to assemble it?

normally we send 50% asslemble cart and rest of it you have to assemble by yourself by watching our tutorial library, we send printedQRcode on paper in every single Wheelchair, just scan it and it will bring you to our tutorial library, still if you face any problem just call to customer care and we will help you in assembly and connecting dogs by Whatsapp video calling.

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