How to Measure your pet dog wheelchairs india

How to Measure your pet dog wheelchairs india

How to Measure your pet dog wheelchairs india


How to Measure your pet dog wheelchairs india

To measure the height of your pet for our Walkin Wheels, measure from the ground to the “Fold of the Flank” as shown here. The FOF is a thin piece of skin that connects the dog’s upper rear leg to his body. Look at the webbing between your thumb and index finger. This skin is very similar to the FOF.

Overweight pets:

If your dog is overweight, then the fold of flank will probably hang down from his body, making the fold of flank measurement shorter than it really is. You will need to try and move the flank up to a normal position, to get an accurate measurement. The picture of the Boxer below shows a normal fold of flank for a dog that is not overweight.

Long Haired Pets
If you have a long-haired dog, you can locate the fold of the flank by pushing the hair back and feeling for the fold of flank skin.


  • If your dog can stand, use a metal retractable tape measure or yardstick, place it in front of his rear foot/toes and measure straight up to the bottom edge of fold of the flank.
  • Do NOT stretch the dog’s leg and foot out as this will add several inches to the fold of flank and give you an inaccurate measurement.


Simply take a photo of your dog same like this and send me on my whatsapp +919979035679

Custom dog wheelchair measurement mintbowl dog wheelchairs india

size-chart of our Wheelchair

size Back Height buttock Width
XXXS 10-18 cm 9-14 cm
XXS 16-24 cm 9-14 cm
XS 20-34 cm 14-22 cm
XSLW 20-34 cm 18-26 cm
S 30-42 cm 16-23 cm
M 42-52 cm 20-31 cm
L 52-62 cm 26-35 cm
XL 55-68 cm 26-40 cm
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