Dog Wheelchairs india

Please don't worry, I will do my best to make him walk again please call 9979035679

easy and user-friendly

  • can seat

  • can go for natural calls

  • can hang damage leg

  • fully adjustable & light weight

  • made by aluminium alloy

  • no need to lift your dog to connect the wheelchair

  • no maintenance

Our products


8500 (2 wheel custom size) / 9900 (4 wheel custom size)
Labrador, German Shepherd Wheelchair
9000 (2 wheel fully Adjustable NGO Edition) / 6500 (2 wheel custom size)
Stray dog Wheelchair for shelters & NGOs
8500 (2 wheel fully Adjustable)
Pomeranian, Beagle
7500 (2 wheel fully adjusable) / 9000 (4 wheel fully adjustrable)
Datchund, pug and pomeranian wheelchair
2300 (2 wheel custom size)
Puppy, cat and rabbit wheelchair
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Oh Wow! now I can sit with my New Wheelchair yeahhh!!

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mintbowl dog wheelchairs india

Fully Customize and folding Wheelchair for your Dog give them new life!

Mintbowl Dog Wheelchairs India

Mintbowl brings wheelchairs for dogs, Designed for dogs with injured, weak and disabled hind legs, also work well in recovery training, Light weight, Adjustable, Durable, Elegant appearance, Easy to assemble, Made from aluminium alloy with lovely color that your dog love it, using imported long-lasting rubbers and belts that make comfortable your dog. we take care of its durability for long-time use. we request that once your dog no longer need it please donate to another one or re-sell it. because of this reason we sell it on reasonable price that any middle class person afford it. please support Mintbowl dog wheelchairs india. to distribute more handicap animals.

Puppies, Cat & Rabbit Wheelchair only for Rs. 1999 only

Made to Order Wheelchair

We are receiving many inquiries from Dog Shelters and NGOs and personally I found that many NGOs are depend on Donation, They don’t have enough money to buy a Wheelchair, I found many handicap puppies and cats in NGOs, but again Donation!! so I finally I brought homemade wheelchair for puppies and cats and i want to sell on very small price that any NGO can buy that without wait a donation!

The most important thing is, Any part of this wheelchair you can get from your local market on very cheap price so you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. Donate a wheelchair to your nearest NGO

This wheelchair is made to order. or order please call +919979035679

Mintbowl dog Mintbowl dog wheelchairs india NGO Edision for Puppyindia BGO Edision for Puppy

Lovely Design

We want that your cute Buddy use Cute Wheelchair for that we put all lovely colors for your true friend!
mintbowl dog wheelchairs india handicap dog cart

How it works

Mintbowl Dog wheelchairs Unboxing and Assembly

Available for All Dog Breeds

All Size Available and Very Comfortable to you Sweetheart
Mintbowl Dog wheelchairs india
Mintbowl Dog Wheelchairs india
Mintbowl Dog Wheelchairs india

On 24th of July, The Hindu National News paper featured my Story on Front page as a National Spot

The Hindu News paper Article Mintbowl Dog Wheelchairs india

These are the NGOs and animal Shelters of India, handled by a single person or by a Team, People work very hard unconditionally in these shelters and many people give free volunteer services.

Day by day new handicap and sick animals comes to these shelters, full of maggots and deep wounds and serious injuries, and these NGOs don’t see day and night and do their level best treatment to give them a new life. These people spent their own money for medical and taking care of these voiceless


Money does’t come in that speed to NGO to buy a new equipment and necessary medicine, and they don’t have other way but a Donation.

I found many handicap dogs and cats in many NGOs, they don’t have enough money to but wheelchairs so I just recently launch a NGOs listing system to this website where you can find a NGOs who needs a cart. and you can donate them.

Now its a time to stand with them please help them to buy a wheelchair and accessories

Please help them and change someone’s life. STAND WITH VOICELESS. If you are a NGO or a Shelter please contact me on +919979035679

They are not alone, I am with them and you?

Easy to assemble

Assamble wheelchair in few minutes only follow the steps according to brochure and you are done!

Fully Adjustable & Folding

100% Folding easy to carry anywhere either by car or by scooter

Reasonable price!

Mintbowl trade with Dog Wheelchairs on your Dream price which any medium class person effort.

Comfortable & Long-lasting

Our goal is not to sell many wheelchairs but we want that many dogs use our single wheelchair for that we take care of all kind of safety and durability features.
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