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Bhumit vyas, an Entrepreneur & Web designer by profession Born in Gujarati Family in Rajkot, Gujarat in middle class family Mr.Bhumit vyas handling web agency names Zero Creativity studio @ zerocreativity.eu from 2002, As a businessman he is working with many IT companies of USA, Italy Vietnam & France. but from heart he is always near to animals.

Bhumit vyas, an Entrepreneur & a dog lover from Gujarat who feeds over 50 stray dogs a day and rescued his own best friend Pilu nine years ago, was broken hearted when he came across injured dogs at a shelter who could hardly get around. The web designer, who was looking to donate wheelchairs for nearby animal shelters and NGOs realized that the ones available in the market are so high priced that NGOs and shelters could not possibly afford them.

This is when he started to create his own range of dog wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are assembled by Vyas, and made from loose parts that he imports from abroad and some purchased from local markets. He ensures that his wheelchairs are made from lightweight Aluminium alloy that can be pulled easily even by animals who have arthritis or paralysis in hind legs. The range of wheelchairs are completely customizable to height, length and width. The custom built wheelchairs can be small enough for kittens or big enough for St.Bernards.

Bhumit Vyas Assembling Dog Wheel Chairs in India

He has also recently launched a NGO variant of the dog wheelchairs that are made from all Indian parts and is even more affordable. His intention was to ensure that NGOs did not have to wait for huge donations to give wheelchairs for injured dogs. Since the NGO variant wheelchairs are made of only Indian parts, the maintenance can be done by using parts from local markets. For Vyas, it was important to ensure that people do not have to bother with paying more money for upkeep after the initial purchase.

In addition to selling their products on their website, they also offer caretakers a chance to place listings on the website. They can post details about animals requiring wheel chairs and those who are willing can pitch it in to pay for the wheelchairs for these animals. After launching his company, he has sold more than 100 wheelchairs all over the nation and hope to help more injured dogs and cats live an easier life.

So if you are an animal lover who wants to help out dogs or cats who cannot walk, you can make use of this venture. You can buy products, read more pet handicap and how you can help, help NGOS and shelters buy wheelchairs all on the website forĀ Dogwheelchairsindia.

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